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    Feeding the Weirdos

Atx Farm

Read up about Atx Farm, our goals and what the future holds for our farm. We have a lot of great plans that we will be looking to accomplish soon.

Our Family

Atx Farm is a family run business. Not only does this mean we are family owned and operated, but that we are highly geared towards family.


Atx Farm will be utilizing to grow our crops will be a method called aquaponics. We believe that aquaponics is the  future of agriculture!


A great way to keep up with Atx Farm is to read our blogs. We post everything from new things about the farm to just general family stuff. We want to include you in our families growth towards Atx Farm. Let us know if there is anything you'd like us to blog about! Make sure to subscribe to the blogs via e-mail so you don't miss out!


Check out our store and grab some cool Atx Farm swag. It helps support the site as well as goes towards our financial goals to get Atx Farm up and running!


Don't know what to eat today? We are compiling a list of all our favorite foods and recipes to share with you. From fast food to dinner meals, we share it all.

Questions or Concerns? Contact Us!

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